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Australia Awards alumnus from Sri Lanka wins Western Australian Dissertation Award

Posted: 9 May 2019

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Alumnus Abdul Salam Mohamed Roshan has won the Western Australian Dissertation Award for research undertaken through his Australia Awards Scholarship entitled, “Consumer Valuation of commodities Certified under Sri Lanka Good Agriculture Practices (SL-GAP)”.

As a part of the Dissertation Award, Roshan received the opportunity to present his paper at the 63rd Australasian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference which was held in Melbourne from 12-15 February 2019.

Roshan says, “The opportunities provided to me through the Australia Awards program were enormous. My Australia Awards Scholarship opened new pathways to my professional life”.

Roshan received an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2017 where he undertook a Master of Agricultural Science at the University of Western Australia.