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Sri Lankan Australia Award Scholars Excel at Monash

Posted: 21 August 2017

Sri Lanka,

Congratulations to Dr. Asiri Hewamalage for being awarded two Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence and Academic Achievement by Monash University!

Dr. Hewamalage commenced a Master of Education in Inclusive and Special Education at Monash University after being awarded an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2015.

Dr. Hewalmalage describes her Australia Awards experience as a stimulating one, enabling her to think differently. She hopes to utilize the skills she gained in Australia for the benefit of children in Sri Lanka.

“My studies at Monash completely changed the way I thought about disability, both as a person and as a medical professional. I am so glad that I received an Australia Awards Scholarship, without which I would never have got this learning experience” said Dr. Hewamalage.